Lip Balm 6-Pack


Lip Balm 6-Pack

Lip balm 6 pack,cocome,cocomebodystick

Lip Balm 6-Pack

$19.99 $14.77

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$19.99 $14.77


Nourishing lip balm and cold sore remover.  6-pack

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1 review for Lip Balm 6-Pack

  1. 5 out of 5

    Nadine Hielscher (verified owner)

    DON’T STOP MAKING THIS❗ COCOme is a creamy, smooth, clear elixir that glides over the lips for instant relief💋ALL of the key healing benefits with no added chemicals or other bad junk we don’t need. I don’t taste or smell anything, YAY❗ Thank you so much for this amazing lip elixir, I am buying more✨ Cocome lip balm is “the Holy Grail” for me. I am a survivor of a massive stroke with the ability to use only my right arm & hand. I also have Sjogren’s syndrome (this shuts down the saliva glands in my mouth). I tend to lick my lips when I am concentrating on a project, thus bacteria forms. (It’s weird, but I do it). I have tried many “organic coconut oil” lip balms with no relief😕 All other “organic coconut oil” lip balms feel waxy with ZERO hydration & have that ugly yellow tint👎 I appreciate no animal or human harm. You won’t regret this purchase, you’ll be addicted to the BEST lip balm ever, I am💯 Do put it in the fridge on warm days. 👍

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