Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

Coconut oil during pregnancy? Does it work? When do I use it? Will the use of coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy hurt the baby? Is it good for the baby?

In this piece of writing we will specifically see why coconut oil is the number one to use for skin care especially stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Why does coconut oil during pregnancy actually work? Experts in skin care and dermatologists will show us what facts and research they have come upon. We will look at the results and health benefits it has to offer as well as proceed to give detailed instructions on how to use organic coconut oil as in CocoMe.

What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

There are many factors that lead up to stretch marks during pregnancy. The dermis, (which is the middle inner skin in between the epidermis and fatty tissue) tears as the rapid stretching occurs with any drastic growth or weight change. This could include the stomach area, breasts, thighs, hips, lower back, and buttocks. They could decrease over a time period but they usually do not go away naturally. All of these stretch marks usually form around the time of a woman’s third trimester.

It could get annoying quickly when stretch marks occur. Especially when you want to prevent them or help them when they are happening. The problem with stretch marks is many people don’t think to care for the prevention or care of stretch marks. They use the wrong products that are actually causing more harm to the skin and possibly the baby. Many skin care routines out there have chemicals in their products. You want something natural, safe, and a product that will actually work. No one wants to give their unborn or born child anything that could harm them or be toxic to their systems. Even for adults, you don’t want a product that will put more toxins into your body for your body to try to get rid of over and over again. In the long run, they could turn into bigger health problems down the road.

Benefits of using CocoMe coconut oil during pregnancy?

The amazing thing about CocoMe coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy is how natural and safe it is for everyone. Coconut oil offers:

  • The Healing qualities: In fact, The UB National Library of Medicine found that the topical application of the coconut oil actually helped  heal faster and had antioxidant factors. It’s safe and helpful to all people and animals.
  • All natural and organic: No Chemicals, No Preservatives. Just Organic pure fair trade Coconut oil and Beeswax. Even our packaging and business cars are recycled and safe for the environment. Since the lauric acid protein is the same as found in mothers milk, it is safe for the baby too during and after the birth of your child.
  • Moisturizes and protects from skin tearing: It’s also an amazing moisturizer which can be better than Vaseline.  It prevents skin tearing not only on the surface layer of skin, but also on the medium layers and deep layers where stretch marks actually occur. The reason is the Amazing ability of the coconut oil to penetrate every layer of the skin. Plus the added benefit of the Beeswax which holds the coconut oil in longer for a more powerful nourishing and healing.
  • Prevents infections: Both organic beeswax and Organic coconut oil are antibacterial. Put them together, and it is just as effective as the chemical counterparts.

Benefits of using CocoMe coconut oil during pregnancy? Continued…

Anti-fungal: Fungus likes to grow in warm moist locations and there is no preventing fungus around us. it is in the air we breath, the surfaces we touch, and even in our bodies to help with digestion. Some Fungus, like candida, cause quite severe yeast infections. Organic coconut oil and beeswax as found in CocoMe coconut oil during pregnancy kills of most of the harmful fungus that typically shows up.  Thus preventing a fungus infection from ever starting.

Anti-itch: A natural reflex within the body is the itching when the skin is irritated. And in pregnancy, there can be a lot of itching. Of course scratching, especially when you are pregnant, is not good. It can damage the skin. Spread bacteria and fungus. And actually cause larger skin tearing and more stretch marks. CocoMe coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy suppresses the need to itch plus it heals and repairs the skin so you don’t feel the need to scratch.

Knowing these facts, it can help you avoid or reduce the amount of stretch marks anywhere on the body. Coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy can help reduce marks that are left behind before they actually happen. The medium chained saturated fats, Amino acid proteins, minerals and vitamins it contains help the stretch marks fade more quickly and sometimes disappear altogether.  There are so many great benefits for coconut oil during pregnancy and it can be used in so many ways.

How to use coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy

The first step you need to do is get the materials you need to treat the stretch marks.
Clean the stretch marks and area with warm water. Gently remove and debris, oil, or dirt away from the area. The warm water helped open up the pores to be able to absorb the product better. You can towel dry or let air dry.

Then apply a good amount of the CocoMe Organic Coconut Oil onto the stretch marks and even some of the surrounding skin. The properties of the coconut oil do not cause any harm if the product is absorbed into the blood stream. It actually feeds the blood around the area to promote faster healing and skin growth.
If you have severe stretch marks, cover the area with a clean towel or whatever is comfortable for you when the product is applied. Use as much CocoMe moisturizer as you like.
There is no standard minimum or maximum amount of CocoMe coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy. After a few days, your body will tell you how frequent and how much you need to apply. Some of our dear clients use 4 – 5 times a day, while others only once a day. Listen to your body.
Feel free to take pictures of you using the coconut oil for stretch marks before and after. This way you can see the progress and monitor the process of the results. It takes about 2 weeks to see the real changes.

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