CocoMe Coconut Oil for Newborn Skin

CocoMe Coconut Oil for Newborn Skin

CocoMe coconut oil for newborn skin? Can I use coconut oil on baby face? Am I helping my baby? What about newborn dry skin coconut oil treatments? do they work?

Truly a sensitive subject. Especially when I ponder the first time I held my little girl. Every thing I did I second guessed. Double and triple checked. And then still doubted myself so more. There were so many times where I felt like I was failing as a parent only to realize (much later) that what we were going through is normal. It is with that sensitivity in my heart that I write this article to you. I hope you feel the same concern from me as you must have now as you are reading this.

coconut oil for Newborn Skin

What do the Doctors and experts say about coconut oil for newborn skin

  • “Coconut oil is specifically great for people with sensitive skin, like babies.” Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (FAAD) and a board-certified pediatrician and pediatric dermatologist.
  • “Cradle cap is something that most babies experience, but I believe that coconut oil helps speed up the healing and I have seen good results with many patients.” Dr. Jennifer Yakimishyn of Foundation Chiropractic, a chiropractor specializing in pregnancy and pediatrics.
  • “Coconut oil application reduced Trans-Epidermal Water Loss. Especially in low birth rate and pre-term babies.”  National Institute of Health.
  • “The immature fragile skin of preterm infants represents an inadequate protective barrier. The emollient and anti-infective properties of coconut oil make it a potentially beneficial topical agent for this population.” a study performed and published on Karger medical journal.
  • “Coconut-oil application in preterm VLBW neonates reduced TEWL by as much as 46%. Such an impact is expected to be of clinical importance, because it could reduce initial weight loss, promote better growth, and reduce fluid requirements.” American Academy of Pediatrics
  • “These fatty acids display antimicrobial properties, which help protect the skin from microbial infections. “ Nutritional Sciences for Human Health.

Why should I use Coconut oil newborn skin

  • With the newborn cradle cap and growing hair. Cradle cap is crusty or oil patches that show on your babies head as it is trying to develop hair. Your child may be developing too much skin oil or not enough. This is very common. CocoMe Coconut oil help balance out your child’s oil production levels. including using coconut oil on baby face. And it gets into the hair follicles to develop a nice steady growth of a full head of hair.
  • Strengthen the babies immune system. As a child grows, it develops antibodies to fight off environmental attacks. Also as a newborn, your baby has not developed all it needs yet. As covered in the articles listed above, Virgin organic coconut oil as in CocoMe helps strengthen and protect your child’s immune system and help your child to develop the needed antibodies faster.
  • Moisturize and nourish the skin. Organic Coconut oil that is cold pressed has a lauric protein acid. This protein is a medium chain strain thus allowing it to be absorbed into all of the layers of your babies skin. Providing the healthy nutrients for your babies skin to grow and develop. For newborn dry skin coconut oil treatments, the protein works very fast and you should notice a significant difference within hours. Oh yeah. And the added benefit of a smooth babies bottom.
  • Get rid of Baby Acne. Most baby acne comes from surface contact or an affection on the skin. At first, these are Fungus type infections like candida or yeast. Organic Coconut oil as in CocoMe is Anti-fungal. Which can destroy the baby acne. And since it is also antimicrobial and anti-bacterial, it also protects from other types of skin infections too.
coconut oil for Newborn Skin

Why should I use Coconut Iil for Newborn Skin [continued]

  • Heal Bruises. As careful as we are as parents, babies bruise easily. as the child develops this is not uncommon. Use of CocoMe can help heal the bruise and the surrounding tissue faster.
  • Treat Rashes. Your baby especially in the first 3 months is exposed to a whole new world of elements. Their skin is sometimes not ready, so rashes form. Temporary allergic reactions happen until your child develops an immunity.  And then the diaper rashes.  CocoMe protects through all of that.
  • Anti-inflammatory and prevents skin tears or baby stretch marks. Again the skin is growing at a rapid pace. Even the teeth start to cause inflammation in the mouth and around the face. Using coconut oil on baby face and in the mouth and gums is perfectly fine. Use of Coconut oil and beeswax, prevents inflammation and baby stretch marks or  skin tears.

Newborn dry skin coconut oil treatments?

A newborn dry skin coconut oil treatment. Dry skin is not uncommon for newborn’s the skin is now outside the womb and is still developing the layers of protection that your baby needs. Because of the rapid changes, it is not uncommon to see dry skin or old layers of skin that look dry. In some more extreme cases, your baby might form an eczema. If this is the case please read our article baby eczema treatment coconut oil and share with your pediatrician. Therefore for normal newborn dry skin coconut oil treatments, follow the instructions below.

Should I put coconut oil on baby face?

It is safe to put coconut oil on baby face. Then the only exception which is very rare is if your child had an allergy to coconut or to beeswax. Use of CocoMe on a baby’s face is less messy and easier to apply. Since it is a bodystick and does not drip every where.

Instructions on how to use coconut oil newborn skin.

Before giving instructions, it is clear to point out that every child develops at a different pace. There are no set instructions that will universally work with every baby. Please adjust as needed. Pay close attention and your babies skin will tell you what it needs and how often.

  1. It is wise to apply after your baby has has a bath or a wipe down. Also, we are fans of organic and non abrasive soaps. Otherwise use of Baby oils and jellies carry mineral oil and a lot of chemicals and is traditionally made out of gasoline products, so we advise against any cleaning agents that have a warning, may harm you if swallowed.
  2. Then apply a light coat of CocoMe. leaving a little bit of Coconut oil shine to it. within minutes, the skin will absorb it in. Do not overcoat your child. For a newborn dry skin coconut oil treatment, you may need to add a second or third layer in 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Massage it in. Unless you are using for a rash or painful area. Use gloves or cotton pads for this. be gentle when massaging coconut oil on baby face. though it does not harm the eyes, it can create cloudy vision for a moment.
  4. Therefore, see how your child responds after 15 minutes. This will tell you if you added the right amount. Also You will get a sense at how frequent you will want to use CocoMe for your baby.

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